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Not Finding Time to Work on the Future?

10 Reasons Why Your Competitors are Winning

(And What To Do About It)

Eye-opening guidance to help you better compete and increase sales.


Case Study: Direct To Consumer Strategy

Consumer Products Co.

Helping a Consumer Product Company w/ Global Distribution Develop their Direct to Consumer Capability

Strategy Consultant for B2b and B2C Companies


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What Makes 2 Visions So Different?

We are absolute experts when it comes to direct-to-consumer strategy. Our team has been helping B2C companies connect with consumers since 2004. From small designers of consumer specialty products to $1B+ retailers to providers of consumer services such as healthcare, we’ve been there and done that with thousands of companies, many just like yours.

When you look for help, it may be hard to tell the difference between a business consultant, management consultant, strategy consultant, leadership coach, business coach, etc. 2 Visions helps by offering consulting and coaching across management, strategy, leadership, and culture. We’re a one-stop-shop to help you transform your business.

What is a Strategy Consultant?

A strategy consultant will assist their clients by helping in complex situations by developing powerful, clear plans of action that help companies achieve their goals. Strategy consulting is a form of management consulting and advises at the highest-level of a business. Here’s what others have to say on Quora.

Can you help me execute strategy as well?

If you need help not only in charting a path forward, but also leading your team there, we can help. Our 2 Visions framework is groundbreaking because it erases tunnel vision within your leadership team, helping you to heal the systems in your business that can put revenue and profit on an upward trajectory. We built 2 Visions to fit the needs of the 1,000+ companies we’ve helped over the last 17 years and know it could help you too!

We know what it’s like to be worried about which investments to make. Should I focus my investment of time and/or money in one area? Or if I spread it around, will I spread it too thin?

It’s impossible to feel good answering these questions when you and your leadership team are battling tunnel vision. Tunnel visions sets in when you take care of your day-to-day without breaking out into bigger-perspective research, thinking, and collaborating.

More often than not, this leads to you feeling hesitant to invest enough into your business for it to truly thrive because you have no confidence it will get returned.

Everyone suffers from tunnel vision. It constantly chases business leaders in a changing world, but there’s a way to combat it.

It’s starts with opening the eyes of your senior team, together, to see the most you can see.

The good news is that opening up the eyes of your senior team is the #1 way to cost effectively change the core structures of your business that will help you beat your competitors and thrive in any market. 

Step 1 You will learn how to open the collective eyes of your leadership team by gaining more access to your competitive reality through competitor and market research, data, opinions of your team members, etc.

Step 2 Your whole executive team will work rigorously with us to align on the future that you want to pursue.

Step 3 Our team equips you with the path to move forward and supports you in adapting the sequencing, timing, and investment required to succeed.

Step 4 We help you back up your team’s alignment with strategic investment and whole-organization planning.

Step 5 We stick around when most consultants disappear. You receive our guidance & support as your team continuously manages, performance-tunes, and learns–step by step, closer and closer toward your goals.

"2 Visions is a godsend. Not only did they build an incredible plan forward for us, they've helped us execute on it, guiding us during a tumultuous time. The results have been 2x revenue at just the beginning of a journey towards much much more."

Helenita Frounfelkner

CMO of Nook Sleep

Business Leader Executive CMO Helenita Headshot

"His knowledge of and experience in the D2C space is unmatched."



Carrie Lewis director digital marketing


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